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Insurance Products to satisfy all your insurance needs

With these affordable and innovative Insurance Products, you can tailor your insurance packages to your individual needs and budget. Compare the wide range of Insurance Products these top South African Insurance Companies have to offer.

You can get free quotes in a jiffy and make an informed decision in no time.

Car Insurance

You have the opportunity to compare the wide range of car insurance products, Value Added Options and Benefits each Insurance Company has to offer.

The Value Added Options are low-cost products you can add to your existing policy to enhance your cover.

Motorcycle Insurance

You can get really affordable motorcycle insurance for your road bike, off road bike and scooter. Motorcycle accessories can also be covered. If you own a motorcycle, you will find the best motorcycle insurance right here.

Off Road Insurance

Compare the different Off Road Insurance Products, get free quotes to compare and you’ll be covered in no time. Cover your SUV or 4×4 with these inexpensive cover packages that will suit your budget.

Caravan Insurance

Get low-cost Caravan Insurance before you go on your next camping trip. Having decent insurance at a price that won’t eat into your spending money, will give you peace of mind.

Remember that the contents of your caravan should be insured separately under Caravan Loose Contents Insurance or Portable Possessions Insurance.

Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance covers your trailer against theft, damage and third party liability. As with Caravan Insurance, the contents of your trailer should be insured separately with Portable Possessions Insurance.

Watercraft Insurance

Insure your watercraft before you next take to the water. Comprehensive Watercraft Insurance Products are available and you can get free quotes to compare in no time. Cover your boat, jet ski, rubber duck and catamaran with cut-price insurance today.

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance offers you a wide range cover including Personal Accident Cover, Disablement Cover and Funeral Cover. Information about Personal Loans is also available.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Products include Home Contents Insurance and Buildings Insurance for you to compare. Home Contents Insurance covers all the movable items in your house at affordable prices. Buildings Insurance covers the actual physical structures on your property, like walls, glass, pipes, doors and more.

Portable Possessions Insurance

Portable Possessions Insurance covers all the items you take with you when you leave the house on a daily basis. You can get inexpensive, tailor-made cover for your cellphone,laptop, camera, jewellery, clothing, glasses and even your handbag and briefcase.

Business Insurance

You can select one of the wide range of Business Insurance Products offered by these leading Insurance companies for any kind of business. Business Insurance includes cover for offices, businesses, your practice, firm or professional company.