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1st for Women Value Added Products

Value for Money 1st for Women Value Added Products

We value our clients and strive to provide you with the best Insurance Products. In this regard, have a look at the great range of Value Added Products you can choose from. These products will add value to your existing policy at very little additional cost.

Amazing 1st for Women Value Added Products

Value Added Products: AUTO TOP UP

This outstanding product provides cover for the difference between the amount your insurance pay-out and the outstanding amount on your vehicle finance if your car is written off or stolen.

1st for Women also offers you the Deposit Protector product which will cover the deposit you paid when you bought your car.

Value Added Products: TOUCH-UP

Keep your car looking like new with Touch-Up, one of the popular Value Added Products 1st for Women has to offer.

At a very low monthly premium, you can have those unsightly little dents, light scratches and chips repaired without claiming from your main car insurance policy. Claims are handled via telephone to avoid tedious paperwork and a waste of your precious time.

Value Added Products: TYRE AND RIM GUARD

South African roads are deteriorating and poses  great risks, as well as incredible damage to the tyres and rims of your car. 1st for Women offers Tyre and Rim guard, which covers damage to tyres & rims at a small monthly premium.

Value Added Products: FINES PROTECT

1st for Women Fines Protect guarantees discounts on all traffic fines, as well as hassle-free payment. Fines Protect will check the legitimacy of a fine and only alert you to the fines that have to be paid.


You can party all you want and we will ensure that you and your car get home safely. Two accredited, professional drivers will pick you up and deposit you at your destination. All it takes is one call. For more detailed information, call us today.