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General Car Insurance Quotes

About Us

At General Car Insurance Quotes, we aim to provide you with essential information regarding car insurance quotes, Car Insurance Providers and interesting information that may lower your quoted car insurance premiums.

Car Insurance Companies

The Car Insurance Providers represented on this site are some of South Africa’s foremost insurance providers. They represent trusted car insurance products, excellent service and prices that anyone can afford.

Statistics and Your Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance quotes rely heavily on statistics. These statistics represent the area you live in regarding crime and frequency of car insurance claims. If you leave your car in a lock-up garage at night, your car insurance quote will be lower than that of your neighbor who leaves his car on the sidewalk every night. If your area shows a high level of break-ins, hijacking and car theft, your car insurance will be higher.

These are just some of the facts you should be aware of when applying for a car insurance quote.

Discount on your Car Insurance Quote

You can ask for a discount on your car insurance quote if you have a good record as a driver, have not claimed during the past few years and are not classified as a high-risk driver.

May you get the best car insurance quote today!