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Adequate Car Insurance

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Without Adequate Car Insurance you are Extremely Vulnerable

In South Africa the ownership of a car is not considered to be a luxury. The public transport system is inadequate and undependable. Anyone that needs to be at a specific place at a specific time can only be assured if they own their own transport. Sadly, the roads are in a poor condition, there are numerous non-roadworthy vehicles impudently dominating the traffic and policing of the traffic laws is laughable at the best of times.

Owing a vehicle without car insurance is an extremely foolish act. The chances of being involved in an accident are extremely high. In fact, South Africa rates very poorly on the issue of road safety. Anyone driving around without a legal license and without proper car insurance is taking an enormous risk. The official statistics are not only frightening but should serve as a very important warning.

Car repairs are extremely expensive and those that were involved in accidents will have to deal with tow-in services, the cost of roadside assistance and the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicles. Very few people have the cash reserves to deal with such a calamity.

There are many companies that offer car insurance. It is vital to deal with reputable companies only. It is sometimes difficult to evaluate one offer against another. The best course of action is to use the services on an independent broker. These professionals are not beholden to any specific insurer and they can handle matters such as claims on behalf of their clients.

Consumers should get quotes and they should be discerning about the insurer that they choose. Consumer feedback sites on the internet may serve as a valuable source of information. If there are numerous complaints about a specific insurer it may be best to be wary. Never believe advertisements. Conduct research and make an informed decision.