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Auto & General Value Added Products

Auto & General Value Added Products for more value for money

At Auto & General, we value our clients and continue to provide value for money insurance products that can compare with the best in the world.

These innovative Value Added Products will extend your cover and add value to your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. These Value Added Products do not affect your claim free status when you claim.

Vehicle Value Added Products: Touch-Up Policy

Do you want to keep your car in mint condition without paying an arm and a leg? Then Auto & General Touch-Up cover is just the thing for you. Your Touch-Up policy covers small dents, scratches, nicks and scrapes that any car picks up sooner or later. A claim on your Touch-Up policy will not affect your claim-free status.

Vehicle Value Added Products: Tyre & Rim Guard

Driving conditions on our deteriorating roads are something to behold. When you swerve out for one pothole, you hit a bigger one. In order to compensate for these conditions and damage related to poor road conditions, Tyre & Rim Guard covers you against damage to your tyres and rims for a little additional fee added to your existing car insurance premium. Your claim will not affect your Cash Back Plus Bonus.

Vehicle Value Added Products: Mechanical Breakdown

You will be financially protected if your car breaks down due to any mechanical or electrical failure. You are covered against failure or breakdown regarding the following:

Engine, gearbox, fuel system, steering, drive shafts, prop shaft, cooling system, air-conditioner or electronic ignition.

Vehicle Value Added Products: License Protect Plus

Auto and General offers you a quick, easy and hassle-free payment system and your new license will even be delivered to your door.

Vehicle Value Added Products: Fines Protect

Fines Protect will monitor your traffic fines, check authenticity and notify you when to make a payment. Discount on traffic fines is guaranteed.