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Ballot Papers found in park after Election 2014

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Election 2014: The Reality of Integrity

Apparently ballot papers were found dumped in a park in Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria. According to the article, most of the papers were DA votes. It has been said that ballot papers were also discovered in Diepsloot, containing EFF votes.

Now I wonder…is one party so afraid of losing that they will offer their integrity to win at all costs? We have to ask ourselves if anyone can be trusted who is involved in Politics. So much is said, so much done in the dark, so much corruption, so much for personal gain.

The citizens of a country have no choice but to trust those in power, choosing a party they believe to be the better one, to represent them. But how far can anyone be trusted? We all dream of fair elections, of ballot papers being counted correctly, of a party coming into power in a fair and just way. We are constantly disillusioned with the reality of corruption and greed.

We are desperate to have a government who will stand for truth, honesty, integrity and a real concern for its people and the welfare of its country. Are we living a fairy-tale? Are we going through life hoping, wondering, wishing, just to be disappointed one more time?

So here we are again … after Election 2014

This sounds somewhat familiar.

It has happened before. Will it continue to happen? Are our hands tied? Is it unique to our country, or does it happen all over the world? Is it a symptom of governments without integrity?

If we are willing to take a stand and teach our children and young people what the word integrity means, I am sure the future may look a tad different and more positive.

The responsibility lies with every parent.

Teach your children well

There is a well-known song with the words, “Teach your children well”. Do we teach our children well? Sometimes we think we do, but if we are honest we need to confess that our own integrity lies by the way-side, wounded and broken.

Our children watch us, learn from us and copy us. We need to be responsible parents who will teach them how to live lives of integrity; children who will not be guilty of dumping ballot papers in parks!

If only we could teach those in power who sit in the ‘hot seats’ of parliament!

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