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Bob Hewitt – Two years ago

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Bob Hewitt – Disgraced tennis champion 

When it came to light two years ago, that the former South African tennis star Bob Hewitt had allegedly abused and/or raped three of the girls he was coaching many years ago, he was quite adamant that he was innocent of these outrageous charges.

He planned to defend any legal action against him. His exact words were:

“I am innocent. These charges have caused my family and me huge hardship and with the lawyers’ permission I am going to sue,” he said.

His lawyer, advocate Terry Price, whom abandoned Hewitt since, confirmed that he would prove Hewitt’s innocence and simply sue those behind these allegations.

Bob Hewitt – now convicted and sentenced

Judge Bert Bam proclaimed that as there was clearly no prospects of rehabilitation for convicted Bob Hewitt, the sentence to be an effective period of six years imprisonment on two cases of rape and one of sexual assault. But will this be?

Bam added that if Hewitt was now in his fifties, it would have been twenty years imprisonment. The only person to blame for Hewitt’s misery is Hewitt. Clearly also experiencing misery and distress is his wife who blatantly begged that her husband not be sent to jail. Her plea was in vain. According to prosecutor Carina Coetzee the man himself had shown no remorse and jail should be where he spent the next five years of his life.

Bob Hewitt – Escaping the commencement of sentence

There was a twist in the tale! Gasps of utter unbelief and shock echoed in the court room of the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday when Hewitt got permission to go home for a month, to allow his new lawyer time to prepare an application for leave to appeal the convictions.

Plaintive Twiggy Tolkien classes the happening as bizarre. And perhaps a trick of the defense to have appointed a new lawyer last minute. The first lawyer is now working on another high interest case. She made it clear that she wanted Hewitt to start serving, but had her suspicions that the sentence may just be words on paper.

As matters stand now, Bob Hewitt is confined to his farm and his lawyer will have to see him there, but he is allowed to go and see his doctor.  The question is: ‘Why is he not waiting in jail, where health care is at hand?’ Nobody is supplying the explanation.

The victims still have no closure!