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8 Easy Ways to Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of the most expensive costs involved in driving a car, but it’s not something you can do without. That doesn’t mean you have to blindly pay whatever the first insurer you contact, quotes. There are several simple things you can do to reduce the cost of your premiums. Read through these… Read more »

Finding the best Car Insurance Company

The Car Insurance Industry – Who is the best? Selecting the best company for car insurance sounds rather impossible, right? You can’t rely on an agent to help you, as he is either representing several companies or one company exclusively. Or can you? He has direct ties with your community after all and is easily… Read more »

Dial Direct Car Insurance in the Western Cape

Why you need Dial Direct Car Insurance in the Western Cape Car Insurance is essential for every car in the Western Cape. The beauty of this province doesn’t diminish the effects of crime and the harshness of the elements on your car. The crime stats may not be as shocking as other provinces, but criminals… Read more »

Get Cheap car Insurance NOW!

Cheap Car Insurance from Budget Insurance Budget Insurance is well aware of the financial struggles for car owners and that each policy holder has to stick to a different strict budget of their own. At Budget Insurance you can obtain cheap car insurance to cater for your specific needs, but with the best possible cover…. Read more »

Important facts about SUV Insurance

You need to know this about SUV Insurance! If you own an SUV, or intend buying an SUV, you will need SUV insurance. SUV Insurance is expensive. Learn these simple but important facts about SUV Insurance coverage. As SUVs are bigger in size and weight, they naturally cause more damage than smaller vehicles when involved… Read more »