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Old versus New

Is new perhaps old? The sassy sixties style, add a few hippies from the seventies or is it Boho and we have the new updated or recycle style, twice around the mill – the shabby chic look! Your kitchen cupboards must have that same weathered look. That will work, oh so well, with the sixty… Read more »

Homeless … yet?

Homeless – The loss of a home I watched a movie about an alien attack on earth. In the film every major city gets destroyed, and all of humanity is at risk of extinction. In order to survive, people have to flee from their homes and find shelter in caves and dark forests, where there… Read more »

Valentines non-fan?

  Non-fondness of Valentines Some of you may recall the pop band 4 Non-Blondes.  I am borrowing the name of this piece from them, albeit slightly altered, due to my lack of fondness for this day. Google search the word valentine and you will see red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes along with sickly… Read more »


The meaning of Nostalgia “A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.” I love this word. And it’s meaning. And at this particular point in time in my life I treasure it with all my heart. See just a few months ago I was suffering from a very severe viral infection… Read more »

Thuli Madonsela for President?

Thuli Madonsela is not interested in running for President Thuli Madonsela has become, for me, a personal idol. She has the guts to do and say things that many of us think and say, behind closed doors, to a country hungry for justice, truth and a champion! She was asked recently if she would consider… Read more »

How to not be jealous

Are you jealous? This is a deal breaker “Are You jealous?” Many would admit their jealousy is a serious case of scary. It is not something new, it has been around for more than this century. The question is how do you classify jealousy, some would say that they would classify it as a feeling… Read more »


Crossroads to face Standing at the intersection of life, you look left you look right, but confusion is the only thing that has the power of authority at that point in time. The weight balance of probability of going for the obvious choice is imminent. The warning signs of self-doubt end up being the safer… Read more »