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Do you love Muscle Cars?

What kind of guy likes muscle cars? Some men are more in love with their cars than with their women. They get lyrical when describing their rear wheel drive machine and are usually almost overcome by emotion. Is it an obsession? Some describe the addiction to muscle cars as the sensation you get from the… Read more »

What is Fool’s Paradise Day?

All about Fool’s Paradise Day To start this story of let me tell you a joke I read off Aunty Acid’s Joke for the day.  “Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world there’s an idiot pulling a door that says ‘push’.”  Ha ha, funny, I sometimes feel like an idiot when… Read more »

Why autumn colours are so special

Autumn in South Africa Autumn in Southern Africa is probably one of the most beautiful and special seasons of the year.  It starts in mid-February progressing into April.  This is when the temperatures start to plummet and the grass starts to fade and go brown.  The trees start to shed their leaves; change colour from… Read more »