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How to cope as a victim of crime

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Coping after crime

5 Tips to help you cope after being a victim of crime

The pain, trauma and anxiety of being on the receiving end of a deed of crime is indescribable. Where to start on the road to healing is a desperate need and requires careful contemplation and all the professional help available.

Victim of crime: Anger, pain and frustration

…retribution and vengeance

You are robbed at gunpoint and live to tell the story. The anger is like a wild-fire in your soul and you seek vengeance. They have to pay the penalty for what they have done to you! The frustration of a mild sentence for the culprits causes your insides to contract with pain and you feel sick to the core. Where is justice?

Here are five steps to help a victim of crime cope and start taking small steps towards healing.

1. Make an appointment with a clinical psychologist. He/she will be able to walk with you through every step of your trauma and help you cope with your feelings of anger and resentment.

2. Forgive! This may be the hardest thing anyone has ever asked you to do. But this is also the only thing which will help you heal quickly and completely. Forgiveness is not for the person who wronged you. It is essentially for your own benefit and healing. If you are willing to walk the road of forgiveness you will be astounded at the speedy progress and healing of your thoughts and emotions.

3. Life goes on. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, who will be a victim of crime. Unfortunately we live in a sick world which affects us adversely. We cannot jump off the world…we have to continue with our lives regardless of painful experiences.

4. Learn from your ordeal. If you are willing to look at the situation from another perspective, you will find that you can become strong enough to be of great help to others who have been victims of crime. Your experience can help them find healing and restoration.

5. Live a life of gratitude. So many people go through much worse, although you may not see that immediately. You are alive to tell the story and to support others! You are able to apply wisdom to any future situations which may place you or your family in precarious positions or danger.

Victim of crime……….Forgive, learn, live! Life is short and is promised to no-one. Be thankful for the life you have and learn to enjoy it without fear. Fear is the enemy of peace.

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