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Crossroads to face

Standing at the intersection of life, you look left you look right, but confusion is the only thing that has the power of authority at that point in time. The weight balance of probability of going for the obvious choice is imminent.

The warning signs of self-doubt end up being the safer option, the one where our comfort zone is happy and change is not in the near future, but if you are standing at the crossroads of life and you know that you have to take a leap of faith. The decision that you have to take has to be a combination of heart and mind the comfort of yourself and the logical thoughts of your mind.

We all have faced a crossroad in our lives, it is a difficult decision, packing up and moving to a different country is hard, you are leaving family friends and a life you worked so hard for behind. That is a difficult choice but if you bring balance in heart and mind you will be able to look at it and say this is what I need to do, and the logical question if you have to pack up and move to another country, is this move beneficial to my family, will they be happy, will I be able to create e a better and safe life for them, if you answer these questions with heart and mind you will end up moving. We all want to create a better life for ourselves and for those who we love.

Crossroads are part of life’s choices, it is always important to remember that when we make a choice is never to be too hasty, take the time review it plan it and if you are following it through make it great. We don’t always get second chances it is important be happy about the choices, never life with regret if you made a mistake.

Author: William Carter

Bio: I have always been inspired by words. I want to share a story of hope, self-worth, my deepest fears and. General observations of life is what I would like to share, my passion for life and my drive towards success!!

FB: The william carter page

Twitter: Williamc08

Website: www.williamcarter.co.za