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Dial Direct Car Insurance

Get a FREE quote and these amazing Benefits with Dial Direct Car Insurance!

Getting your FREE Car Insurance quote from Dial Direct is the first step to getting peace of mind regarding your insurance. When you are provided with your car insurance quote, you’ll see that Car Insurance at Dial Direct is simple, smart and gives you ample cover at cut-price premiums.

More good news is that with all car insurance policies from Dial Direct, you get amazing benefits at no additional cost.

Dial Direct Car Insurance packages include the following benefits: 

Simple Smart Bonus 

Simple Smart Bonus means CASH Back to you! Stay claim-free and you can receive your first year’s insurance premiums back or 25% of all your insurance premiums after four consecutive years of being insured with Dial Direct (whichever is the lesser option). Certain claims are excluded, so that you can still receive your cash back even if you have made certain claims.

Speak to one of our professional consultants and find out which claims do not affect your Simple Smart Bonus Cash Back Reward.

Further benefits include:

• 24 hour Emergency Assistance Call Centre (0860 91 19 11)

• Accident Assist

• Road Assist

• Trauma Assist

• Medical Assist

• Legal Assist


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You select your own Car Insurance at Dial Direct

You can choose between the following car insurance options:


• Covered immediately for third party incidents

• You are covered if you have an accident in another person’s car

• Covered if someone else drives your car and has an accident

Third Party, Fire and Theft

• Affordable cover for cars that are fully paid

• Damage caused by a vehicle caused whilst being towed by your car

• Third party cover when you drive someone else’s car with their permission

Third Party

• Low-cost cover for vehicles that are fully paid with a lower value

• Damage caused by you to another person’s property

• Excluding damage to your vehicle

• Damage caused by a vehicle whilst being towed by your car

• Third party cover when you drive someone else’s car with their permission

Get your free car insurance quote for affordable, simple and smart car insurance now.


Additional Dial Direct Car Insurance Options

Cover your car for any possibility with these affordable additional options you can select to enhance your car insurance package:

Mechanical Breakdown

Covers mechanical failure:

• Air Conditioner

• Drive Shaft

• Electrical Ignition

• Engine

• Steering

• Gearbox

• Fuel System

• Cooling System

• Propshaft


• Claims for Touch Up do not affect your Simple Smart Bonus

• Cover for dents, chips and scratches anywhere on the vehicle.

• We take care of the claim and repair processes for you.

• Any approved repairs on your Car Insurance policy will carry a lifetime guarantee.

Sound System

• Additional car insurance for your specified car sound system

Hail Damage

• Insurance against hail damage


• Cover for the canopy of your insured vehicle

Tyre and Rim Guard

• Damage to your tyres and rims caused by potholes


For simple, smart car insurance you can afford, call us NOW.