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Divorce and insurance

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Divorce and Insurance: Splitting hairs over splitting up ends in split ends and no means.

I remember reading a newspaper headline when Prince Charles and Diana were newlywed and went on a state visit to where-ever, but had to go on separate flights because of what-ever, and so their reception upon arrival was spoiled because they did not get there on the same flight. The headline read: “Charles and Di fly apart”.

How horribly prophetic that line seems in retrospect! The protracted, painful and very public break up of that fairy tale marriage was destructive and traumatic in the extreme. Nobody means to get divorced when they at first get married. Well, regular people do not, unless it is to get a passport or to marry money. Self-protective mechanisms are under active when one is in love.

Divorce and Insurance: The stars in our personal constellations

We do define ourselves in relation to other people. This gives us meaning and direction. When one finds oneself no longer a wife, and no longer having a husband, one has to re-invent a multitude of roles. Even the relief of getting out of a situation that makes one unhappy cannot compensate for this loss of reference points. This is hugely stressful, as if divorce is not traumatic enough already.

Divorce and Insurance: Distress and health

Many women lose health and life insurance benefits through divorce. Divorce, even at its most amicable, is a lengthy process. The emotional consequences are devastating. Stress compromises the immune system. Then, when one is at one’s most vulnerable, and therefore most likely to get ill, have accidents, you are most likely to find yourself to be without a safety net in terms of health insurance.

The American “Journal of Health and Social Behaviour” published statistics that indicate that the cost to health after divorce is huge among women. Women experience poorer health following divorce. It is important to be realistic about this, so women should read the small print and be aware of post-divorce insurance losses.

Do not be intimidated into signing documents you do not understand, and do not let love be blind. Things can and do fly apart. Be informed. Take nothing for granted. Trust does not mean you do not have to look out for yourself and your children.

You loose so much through divorce, don’t loose your be without Insurance too!

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This article was posted on www.first-for-women.co.za/ and is reposted with permission.

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