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Easter Holiday Break-away

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Easter Holiday Family Break-away

It’s Thursday evening and everybody is busy, packing bags and putting things together.  Mom is running from one bedroom to the other checking clothes and making sure we don’t put stuff in that is worn or not suited.

Dad had the car serviced last week and he has just stepped out to go and fill the car with diesel and check the tyre pressure and make sure all the windows are nice and clean.  He is also making sure that all the necessary oils and stuff are in order.

Mom has been busy all day making little meat balls (frikkadels), and she baked some bran muffins, boiled a couple of eggs,  bought a couple of cool drinks, chips, sweets and a huge packet of apples.  Mom believes Dad needs to be eating all the way to our destination.

The documents and proof of payment of the place we are going to is placed in a little folder which is placed in the car’s cubbyhole for safe keeping.  Also so we don’t forget all about it.

Everything is in place it has been decided we need to go to bed early because Dad wants to leave in the early hours of the morning.  It’s 3 o’clock and we are all woken up, the car is ready in the drive way.  Dad makes a last check on the doors, put the alarm on and we are on our way.

A cheerful spirit is hanging in the air, Dad’s very happy and relieved, Mom is chatting away and the kids are in the back seat, with pillows and blankets.  The GPS is directing us to our destination.  Richardsbay, here we come!

On the way,  Mom is chatting to Dad and boy can she talk – she sounds like a chatter box, it seems she just doesn’t have any end.  Dad just nods his head, hmm or haha that is funny.

The journey is filled with laughter and games, we are all looking forward to relaxing at the sea with Easter Eggs and fun in the sun.  Happy Holidays and please drive safe.

Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Biography:          As a Freelance Writer I have had the opportunity in writing a couple of blogs for the General Car Insurance website.  I also have been asked if I would be interested in reviewing a book and had completed that review.  It was accepted and I have been asked to review another one.  I am currently busy writing a children’s book with my own illustrations and hope to complete this in the very near future.  My main and most important inspiration in all of this is the knowledge that I am able to draw close to the Lord.

Link: yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact: yvettevn007@gmail.com