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How to fake it till you make it

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How to …

My husband told me when I go into my new office that I should do the Superwoman dance, you know, to make my presence felt.  Well, since I was early and had thought no one was in the office at the time I jumped up and down and posed like a Superwoman, arms across my chest and my feet  ready for attack.  Hmm, guess what? My new boss was just walking by towards his own office and stopped dead in his tracks and was looking at me.  Teehee, the look on his face said it all, shock and amazement, not quite sure what to think.  I tried to explain, but he just laughed and said nothing as he went into his own office.

Some points to ponder are:

How to be more successful

You need to imitate people who are successful; look how confident they are when walking into the office; it seems the world is at the soles of their feet. Now in this case you should also embrace this confidence and make it part of who you are.

How to attract more people

As an introvert I really find it difficult to be ‘out there’, looking at people like my sister who is a total extrovert you can see how she attracts people to her. Her open and friendly demeanor draws people to her like ‘flies to honey’.

How to conquer your fear

Go ahead and do things you fear. No one knows you are scared. Do it and make sure you do it right the first time, do it with enthusiasm and make sure it is exactly according to the job spec.  People who are top performers are very fussy and they normally are sticklers to paying attention to details – check and check and check again.

How to fake it till you make it

Think of this for a moment, I am, I can and I will. Smile while walking into the office and be confident in how you approach people.  Before you know it – you are confident, you will have made it. (Faking it means practicing for success).

Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Biography: It has been an honor to contribution a number of articles to websites as a guest writer in the insurance industry and my own specialty is more inspirationally focused on Christianity in my own blogs.  I do enjoy the challenge of trying my hand at more commercial writing. 

Link:  http://yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact: yvettevn007@gmail.com