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Home safety tips

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Home Safety: 3 Facts To Never Forget

We have a need for safety and security in our own homes. There are some simple yet effective steps we can take to ensure this.

Awareness of your Environment

Be vigilant

Know your home well!

It is important to teach your children about the use of gas. Some homes have gas stoves and ovens. When you prefer these in your home you have to be extra vigilant of home safety. This can be a serious hazard if your children are not taught from a young age to respect the use of gas and the consequences of being careless with it.

Stairs and socks

One thing you should never attempt, is running down stairs wearing only a pair of sock. The chance of slipping and toppling down the stairwell to your death or a broken bone or two is too great. Children should also be taught to respect stairs and use them wisely.

There have been so many stories told about people who fell down stairs because they have been too hasty to descend and have not thought about wearing sensible shoes.

And the horrors we have seen in movies are not happy ones either!

Plug points

Ever seen how inquisitive a little one is when there is a hole to poke his little finger into? Just imagine what will happen if the switch is on and his finger is pushed into the inviting little hole! It is just vital to train a child from a very young age to respect electricity, gas and stairs.

And as a last little reminder…make sure your swimming pool is fenced in and the gate locked when you have small children.

So many areas seem harmless enough, but can be dangerous and invite fatalities in your home…so think of home safety first and foremost!

The total enjoyment of your home depends on your attitude towards home safety and an awareness of your environment.

Make small adjustments to ensure home safety and teach your children well!

When you have made your home safe, you still need insurance cover.

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