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Homeless … yet?

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Homeless – The loss of a home

I watched a movie about an alien attack on earth. In the film every major city gets destroyed, and all of humanity is at risk of extinction. In order to survive, people have to flee from their homes and find shelter in caves and dark forests, where there is no sophisticated infrastructure that can attract attention. In a nutshell the film made it clear that in case of a major disaster, we will most likely lose our homes. As homeless people we will band together in order to survive. Human being are not designed to survive alone, and in case of danger, we rely on each other for comfort and help.

 In the film, “When Aliens Attack” a band of grubby, dirty, homeless people work together to overcome an alien force that far surpasses us in intelligence and fire-power. By sacrifice and guerilla warfare, a group of bums become the heroes of humanity. In terms of perspective, it is strange that we can overlook appearances in case of emergency, but in our everyday walk, we have a very different approach. As soon as someone falls in the category of homeless, we see them as a different species, beyond help.

Paul Auster writes about being homeless in his novel Sunset Park. In his novel, the protagonist, who has lost all the important people in his life, sets out to wait it out in his apartment. He sells everything he has and finally he ends up getting evicted from his apartment. He then starts his life on the street. Auster depicts the situation in such a way that it is clear that we are all eligible for disaster. What we need is not to try and fix or ignore the problem of homeless. It would serve us all better if we became educated about it.

See the link: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=131196031


This article originally posted on http://www.free-quote-for-car-insurance.com/ and reposted here with permission.