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How to not be jealous

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Are you jealous?

This is a deal breaker “Are You jealous?” Many would admit their jealousy is a serious case of scary. It is not something new, it has been around for more than this century. The question is how do you classify jealousy, some would say that they would classify it as a feeling of showing resentment of someone or things.

It is a nasty thing, I will turn you into a green monster, not in a physical form but it will make you bitter.

The question is how to deal with a jealous person?

Step one is to understand why the person is jealous, and imagine yourself in their shoes, remember a jealous person is envious of what you have and it is important to be sensitive when you talk in a group about a certain thing, communication is very important, understanding the jealousy is better than walking away from it

Step two: once you have an understanding of the jealousy, it is important to compliment the individual and show them that there is nothing to feed the insecurity about the situation.

Step Three: remember, dealing with a jealous person is difficult, and as a person in a relationship with such an individual is difficult. If you feel that the relationship is not good you have the choice to move on before you get hurt.

Jealousy is real and it does exist, if you feel that you do not know how to deal with a jealous person, talk to someone, it is important that you voice your concern if it poses a threat to your personal being then don’t keep it to yourself. There are a number of bodies and authorities that are equipped to help in situations like these.