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Important Facts about your Small Business

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A Small Business owner should join hands with an Agent

Small businesses face countless challenges throughout the life of the business, as the owner introduces a new venture or grow and improve his business operations.

Don’t allow fear of these challenges to prevent you from growing your business.  An insurance agent can guide the small business owner to help him understand risk and inform him of insurance coverage options to cover the risk.

It’s important that a small business owner work hand in hand with an agent who has the expertise to help choose the right coverage for their business.  He needs to work with someone he trusts, the same as a lawyer or an accountant. His insurance agent should be no different.

Find the right coverage for your Small Business

Insurance agents are aware of the mindset of many small business owners, who often don’t realize how a change in the business will influence the insurance cover they need.

Changes in coverage come when the owner purchases a new piece of equipment, adds or removes a location, changes the nature of the operations or is battling with the seasonal change of his payroll. Change can be continuous for some businesses.

Small business owners are often unaware of the changed risks to their business and how disruptive development can be. A trusted partnership between the small business owner and his agent allows discussion of any changes when they occur or as part of an annual insurance review.

Small Business & Risks

It is important that small business owners are mindful of emerging risks and to know the repercussions if they aren’t.

If your business is your livelihood, a huge loss will be shattering. A power outage that lasts numerous days may have a vast impact on a small business that is manufacturing ice cream, or a small bakery. An agent will help his client understand what is covered and advise on supplementary cover to protect his business. He will provide options like off premises utility service coverage and additional coverage to replace lost income or downtime.

Another frequent risk is data breach and many small businesses owners think it can’t happen to them but they may be more exposed than they realize. A high percentage of data breach investigations are of organizations with less than 100 employees.

Knowledge of these exposures will help a small business owner to protect his  business.

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