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Important facts about SUV Insurance

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You need to know this about SUV Insurance!

If you own an SUV, or intend buying an SUV, you will need SUV insurance. SUV Insurance is expensive. Learn these simple but important facts about SUV Insurance coverage.

  • As SUVs are bigger in size and weight, they naturally cause more damage than smaller vehicles when involved in an accident.
  • They are not always as easy to control as other vehicles on the road, and their proneness to overturn adds another component of risk for suppliers of SUV Insurance.
  • The bumper mismatch with cars and their additional features that include the greater horsepower are other factors for higher insurance premiums.
  • Repairs on SUV’s are more expensive than smaller cars.
  • These reasons can cause some SUV owners to pay up to 20% more for SUV Insurance.
  • The vehicle crash statistics of the SUV compared with other vehicles, state that SUVs are not as safe as the other cars.
  • Pedestrians who are hit by SUVs are at much higher risk of serious injury, than when hit by another passenger car.
  • The theft rates of SUV’s are very high and points to how popular and fashionable SUV’s are.
  • It has been detected that SUVs have below average insurance claims.

Cut costs on your SUV Insurance

Increase Your Excess Payment

Raising your excess is an effective way to decrease the premium of your SUV Insurance without reducing your  liability insurance coverage. Increasing your excess could reduce the cost of the comprehensive and collision portion of your SUV Insurance policy by up to 40 percent. What you save on monthly payments, will more than cover what you have to pay out of pocket when you claim.

Combine Your Home and SUV Insurance Policies

Insurers tempt clients to purchase multiple policies by offering multi-line policy discounts. Don’t fall for that. Purchasing your home insurance and SUV Insurance with the same company could save you up to 15 percent on both your home and SUV Insurance policies.

Shop around and Compare Quotes

Collect and compare free SUV Insurance quotes. That is the best way to find a cheaper policy and the only way to know if you’re getting the best rate available. A little extra effort and time now, could save you a lot of money over time.

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