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Did you know this about Ebola?

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Reign of terror caused by the Ebola Virus in Africa

The presence of the Ebola Virus in Africa is causing widespread panic. To answer the question of whether the infection have turned into an epidemic – YES it has!

More than three thousand eight hundred people have died from Ebola, since the first infection was detected seven months ago.  Some are warning that catastrophe is pending, if urgent solutions aren’t found.

The latest development to prevent us from hearing the truth, is that panicked governments are hushing journalists. Some countries are even detaining their journalists to prevent them from reporting facts, statistics and progress regarding this unparalleled and disastrous health calamity.

There were reports of soldiers preventing a group of lawyers and journalist from entering the village in the N’Zérékoré area, in Guinea. They were there to investigate the murder of eight people, which included three journalists. This incident took place during a health education visit in September.  As if it is not terrible enough that so many die from the infection, some healthy people are murdered to keep the truth from the world.

The team of investigators had the necessary permission to enter the village, but all their equipment was confiscated and footage and photos were erased. The army now controls the zone, preventing anyone from going there, therefore hindering the fight against the Ebola virus.

The ruling powers in Liberia also declared new limitations on media coverage of the epidemic. Only journalists with a permit from the health ministry will be allowed to conduct interviews or take photos inside hospitals, but all medical personnel have been forbidden from supplying info to the media. The information ministry of Liberia have since assumed charge of issuing press cards. A journalist had been arrested early in August for covering a protest against the state of emergency which curbs journalists from mingling at night.

We also hear about funds that were allocated for the fight against Ebola, being misappropriated.  The parliament of Sierra Leone threatened to assume severe action against media representatives that have the nerve  to condemn management of  funding.

One cannot help but wonder what the truth, the whole truth and only the truth is about stats and facts regarding the infections and well-meaning funding from many countries.

Does corruption in Africa, top compassion for the sick?!

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