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Loving and Being Loved on Valentines Day

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Share your love on Valentines Day

Bring love back into your life this Valentines Day. These are a few truths and laws of love that will show you how:

  •   When a person feels loved, he is loving towards others. Make your Valentine feel loved and reap the benefits.
  •   People who give a lot of love, receive a lot of love. Love creates love.
  •   If a person doesn’t feel loved, he can’t be more loving, which makes him less lovable. It can be awful.
  •   Not feeling loved means not having much love to give.
  •   I can’t force someone else to love me any more than I can force myself to love another person.
  •   Love is circular. We can’t love unless we’re loved and won’t be loved unless we’re loving.
  •   When the cycle of love is working positively, you give love and receive it from the people you love.
  •   To keep the cycle of giving and receiving love going and to keep it going during the hard times, which there will be, we must have love flowing in from outside of us.
  •   God’s love is always available. His love is being poured out to us, so wê can have love coming in if we’re not insensitive to it.
  •   The way to get love flowing in a relationship again is, I believe, to be receptive to that love.
  •   We can receive love through other people in little ways, if we recognize it and receive it.
  •   Rather than grumbling over what we aren’t getting, we need to see the love that is there.
  •   Small acts of kindness and gentleness will bring more love into our relationships. Valentines day is the ideal opportunity for those.
  •   Love comes in little ways, be attentive to see it and receive it. Then show gratitude and spread love.
  •   Recognize and receive the love that is being given to you. Then reciprocate.

If it’s love you want this Valentines Day, it is love you should be giving love this Valentines Day!

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