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Old versus New

<img src="new.jpg" alt="new" width="300" height="255">

Is new perhaps old?

The sassy sixties style, add a few hippies from the seventies or is it Boho and we have the new updated or recycle style, twice around the mill – the shabby chic look!

Your kitchen cupboards must have that same weathered look. That will work, oh so well, with the sixty style pink polka dot apron. The one you bought online from that little chic shop you found, by pure accident while Google led you everywhere, except to the site which will tell you which paint to buy.  Missed the last 15 min of the “how do we finish this painting project show? A week later you are still unsure if it is a new brand or an old type or if any chalky paint will work, but the apron … fits perfect.

 Yes, you guessed it! Load shedding. A brand new idea accepted under duress by the majority of us.

Not so, in my Granny’s days. She was (bless her soul) – what you see is what you get – old girl. I can see her shook her grey curls, disbelief shading her blue eyes purple. Without hesitation she would have phoned the mayor’s wife.  Demanding, the bewildered woman, inform the mayor about an emergency town meeting.

That was how resentment was resolved. Was it better then?  Come to think of it having your say at a town meeting sounds like getting things done.  Right?  Living without Google? Unthinkable. Who can say for sure, posting those comments on various sites might not have been fruitless. (Excluding those who listed you or blocked you. People with no sense of humor.)

But hey, at this very moment your posts might be read and loved. The old versus the new or a combination, might work just swell.



Author: Suzette Bartlett

Suzette is a freelance writer and available for guest posts.

Contact her at: bartlettsuzetta@yahoo.com



This article originally posted on http://www.free-quote-for-car-insurance.com/ and re-posted here with permission.