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Some People …

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… a little fun, a little sad, a little tough and angry or even a little crazy, maybe? So many souls, so many personalities and fancies and never a dull moment! But isn’t this what’s making life so interesting? The human race is such an incredibly interesting species representing such vast diversity.


We all know those so called Drama Queens amongst us, who just love to be the centre of attention. Every little thing gets blown up as a full-blooded drama, which could even outshine Shakespeare. Unfortunately they usually attract the less positive type of attention. Psychologists and councilors know all too well how some people handle trauma and stress much easier than others. In the “eye of the storm”, something that might not seem like much to the one person, might indeed be very real and traumatic to another.


Then there are the complainers, always oh-so unsatisfied with everything. They always like to blame others for their circumstances and play the blaming game like pros. Some of those people can be really exhausting and even more difficult to work and live with than the Drama Queens.


In her book “I Think I Feel I Am”[i], Annie Coetzee pictures the differences in people regarding illness and recovery progresses so well. Some people with almost the same illness and circumstances can sometimes make a full recovery, while others do not.


Divorce lawyers and advocates mostly use this famous term in court as standard reason to violate this holy oath. A marriage is dissolved as easy as that. In some particular cases, this can make a valid point. In most other instances, it is no more than a cheap excuse. What happened to working out those differences, then? We live in a disposable era where some people discard their marriage vows just as easily as a paper cup.


Thank goodness for all the nice ones crossing our paths every day, bringing joy to the world. Now which one would YOU like to be?

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[i] Coetzee Annie. 2001 and updated in 2014   I Think, I Feel, I Am; Creative Brain Management.

Author: Maritha Koortzen

Contact: marithak@webmail.co.za

The author writes to various websites as well as newspapers mainly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness.

Feel free to contact her for any freelance writing.