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The Perfect Man

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My Husband, The Perfect Man

I might be putting my husband on a pedestal but hey to me he is the perfect man.

1          Romantic

A die hard romantic, he would walk in the garden and pick a rose and come and give it to me or place it in my hair and he is always kissing me on the cheek in front of strangers.

2          Considerate

Of all the people I know I am one of the women that has a spit-fire temper – I can explode at any time and he always considers my point of view and lets me blow down steam.  He doesn’t go around saying “ah you’re grumpy” or “oh dear, it seems you are on your broom again.”

3          Manners

Now this is something I really cherish about my husband no matter in what mood he is in, he will always get out of the car and walk around to my door to open the door and extend a hand to help me out of the car.  When we leaves the house, he will walk in front of me and open the door so that I may get into the car and close the door for me.  Hey, chivalry surely has not died.

4          Spontaneous

We would be driving home from work on Friday afternoons and suddenly he would turn off to the Mall.  Surprised, I would ask him ‘what’s going on?’ He would smile and say ‘you will see.’  We get there and he walks to Mug and Bean for coffee and my favourite ‘lemon meringue’.

5          Hygiene and smells

I don’t know about you but I have a terrible nose and I don’t like bad odours and some men really smell bad.  My husband smells great, he takes it to heart that I am set on smells and he looks after himself – his nails are clean and tidy and he smells wonderful.

6          Generosity

The most impressive thing to me is his big heart, he is able to see a need and try and help.  He doesn’t let people go through difficult times; he would give his last penny to help someone.

My husband is the perfect man; I hope you too can find someone as awesome as he is.


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Author:            Yvette van Niekerk

Link:                yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact:          yvettevn007@gmail.com

Cell:                 0823061792 or hubby 0825796279

Biography:      As a Freelance writer I love blogging and writing, I hope to become a well-known name in the world of writers one day.