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Prevention is better than cure!

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Prevention is better: prevent waking up too early on week-ends

Some common sense and some tongue-in-cheek tips.

  • If you sleep rather light, don’t sleep in the room near the tree where the guinea fowl sleep.
  • Sleep in the back room, away from the road where the early morning traffic will wake you.
  • Teach your child to stay in bed and read until mommy wakes up.
  • Teach your husband to get out of bed very quietly to tend to the baby, until mommy wakes up.
  • Lock out the dog until mommy wakes up, or daddy comes through with the baby.
  • Be sure to disarm the alarm, silence the cell phone and unplug the land line.
  • Be warned! Withdraw your daughter from the netball team. They leave for matches before sunrise on Saturdays.

Prevention is better – prevent accidents

Be sure to take a few seconds to put on your shoes  rather than running down the tiled passage on your pantyhose to answer the phone.

The first night in a new home, leave a night-light on to prevent you walking through the wall when nature calls in the middle of the night.

Don’t balance the bowl of jelly on top of the bowl of salad in the fridge and then suddenly open the fridge without wearing your Wellingtons.

Don’t climb on a chair on top of a coffee table when you want to unhook the curtain, behind which the shy spider has his unbeknown hiding place.

Keep your spectacles on your bedside table within easy reach in the middle of the night, so you can see the obstacles on your way to the loo.

Don’t place a glass of water in front of the alarm if you tend to bash the off-button in anger when the alarm rings in the morning. On that note, don’t swop sides with your partner. He’ll never believe you only wanted to hit the off-button.

Prevention is better – prevent embarrassment

A mirror is highly important!  Two mirrors, when it comes to your hair, to make sure you actually removed all the curlers from your hair. Even the one at the back just below your crown.

Also glance at the mirror to check your teeth, when you applied fire engine red lipstick to match your outfit. Especially if its not Halloween.

When trying on clothes, rather use a fitting room with a door that can lock, than one with curtains. You know how  women have to stand further back from the mirror to see better how the item looks on. It is only when the curtains close in front of you that you realise you’ve gone too far and you are actually only half dressed.

When you buy those bargain ‘two for the price of one’ pairs of navy and brown shoes, please check in broad daylight that you are wearing two shoes of the same colour.

When wearing a flimsy see-through dress and you don’t actually want to show-through your undies, make sure your petty coat elastic is strong enough to last the day. Unless of course you want sudden frills around your ankles, whilst you are consulting a client or pushing your grocery trolley.

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