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How to protect your car against hail damage

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Hail damage to car

How to protect your car against hail damage and dents

Hail storms are increasing in frequency and the damage to your car may end up costing you a great deal of money in repairs.

Find out how to protect your car against hail damage when you are caught in a storm and how to limit hail damage to your car.

Keep an eye on the weather

If heavy storms or hail storms are predicted by the SAWS (South African Weather Service), try to alter your traveling plans if at all possible.

On the Road

If you are on the road when a hail storm breaks out, get off the road and park somewhere safe as quickly as possible. Petrol Stations may provide cover or try to find undercover parking. Hail stones cause much more damage to a  moving vehicle than to one that is stationary.


Never park under a tree when it starts to hail. Branches may break off and fall on your car.

Stay Alert

When it hails, some drivers tend to drive dangerously in an attempt to get to shelter or cover as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for fellow drivers and drive defensively.


Keep a few thick blankets in the boot of your car. You can use them to cover your car if no other protection is available and you are parked out in the open.

Limited Visibility

Drive with extra care if visibility is limited. If you decide to stop and pull off the road, make sure that you are parked well away from the road and never close to a turn in the road. Parking to close to the road may cause another vehicle to collide with you.

These tips on how to protect your car against hail damage may save you a lot of money in repairs to your windscreen and the body of your car.