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SA Student protests 2015

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Student protests – an awakening?

It was a true awaking to looking at students’ faces covering all major media publications. The message is resoundingly clear: “Enough is enough!”

Life has a funny way of showing itself. We all have this almost ignorant notion that everyone has the same opportunity and access to basic education. The events of the past week have however shaken us from our ignorance. Unanimous, the voice of students across the country roared and forced government to finally sit up and take notice. Our leaders of tomorrow stood up for their rights and made it clear that education is not a privilege, but a right.

I applaud the determination and unity our students showed. Although I do not condone the violence that marred the protests, I remain in awe of how our students have reminded us that alone a voice might be small, but together a thousand little voices ring like thunder. The student protests have shown government that we are done with accepting feeble excuses. Our students can however not be the only voice in this country. All South Africans should unite and stand up to corruption, because we have kept quiet for long enough. The students have paved a bigger road for us to follow on. The high fees were but one of the empty promises the ruling party made. The ruling party brewed a hot oil pot waiting to catch fire with their empty promises and their fingers just got burnt!

This week reminds us of the 1976 protests and is sure to be a day for the history books. No matter how much the ruling party wants to ignore this, it won’t be swept under the carpet. The only way to get our country back on track is to strengthen our leadership. Plugging this problem with a short-term solution just won’t suffice because we will (hopefully) not be swayed by empty unsustainable gestures. .

Change is needed and the responsibility is with us all to break the silence and to say no to corruption!