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We Salute Robin Williams

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A salute to Robin Williams, the Legend 

Robin Williams – the memory and the tragedy

I doubt that there is a country, even in the most remote areas at the ends of the world, where the name Robin Williams was not a household name. The man that had tens of thousands of fans, loved by all, sadly and tragically is said to have ended his life. He was reportedly struggling with depression.

It is with great shock that his fans, friends and family learnt about his death, which is an immense loss to the entertainment world.

He is praised as the man that could make people laugh, by just being Robin Williams. Just as easily, he could perform a tragic role so excellently to bring tears and heartache to the hardest of hearts. He most certainly had an influence on every one who saw any, many or all of the long list of his shows and movies.  His talent was immeasurable.

The Hollywood producer, Steven Spielberg, labeled Robin Williams as the thunderstorm of comical ingenuity.

Robin Williams – the man

Williams was born in Chicago in 1951 and grew up in a suburb in Detroit. He surely believed in love, as Williams married three times. In 2011 he married Susan Schneider. He has three children. Robin Williams was 63 and lived in California.

In the neighborhood where he lived, he was just a normal nice guy. A genuine person. The man who rode his bike around and had a smile and a wave for children on the street.

“It wasn’t like having a celebrity,” said Sonja Conti. The actor would often ask about her dog and nicknamed him “Dude.”

He was candid about his struggles with alcohol and addiction and told that his children often referred to it, when he confronted them about their own waywardness. Robin Williams had entered a rehabilitation center this summer to help him maintain sobriety.

Robin Williams – remembered

“He embodied what it meant to be humble,” said Lucy Mercer, executive artistic director at Throckmorton Theatre near Williams’ home, where he used to try out new material.

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken,” his wife said after his death was discovered.

Robin Williams were most definitely one of the best actors of all times and his name is to be mentioned in line with the Tom Hanks’, Sean Connery’s and Anthony Hopkins’ of the silver screen.

Rest in peace Robin Williams, knowing you were loved, appreciated and admired!

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