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Say thank you on Father’s day

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Father’s day – a day to thank your dad

How do you say thank you to a the man that has made you the person you are today? How do you start to show your administration to a man that shows no fear, a man that loves you no matter how big your mistakes, supports you through the challenges you face and praises your success?  Being a dad is a major responsibility and I believe it is the biggest honor a man can get! Teaching you unconditional love and hearty values – he is truly inspiring.

To me Father’s Day is synonymous with giving thanks to your very own real life superhero, but you need not have to do it only once a year you – can celebrate your dad every day!  We tend to do more to show our appreciation on this day that is specially set aside in honour of the men who helped shape us and who always tend to be the measuring stick we use to gauge the greatness of a man.

So what is the perfect gift for a dad? To me it is the small things that matter and a big gift may be an obvious choice, but I believe that doing something that comes from the heart, no matter how seemingly small it may be, is the greatest token of appreciation. A video or a memorable scrap book filled with pictures is a brilliant idea to show your love. It shows something of who you are and it shows you set aside your time to say thank you in a personal manner. The gift of time in this rushed day and age shows appreciation and spending the day with them will undoubtedly be the best treasured gift.

Your dad will always be your dad. My dad has inspired me to do more, to see the good in life and has taught me some valuable lessons. For his guidance I will always be grateful. His challenges have become my successes. He has walked the road a lot longer than I have and he has built up a wealth of wisdom that seems infinite.

So to all the dads out there: have a great day and revel in the knowledge that you are building and shaping the future leaders. Dads, also remember to always love unconditionally, because it creates an environment that is safe and that will inspire your children to be brave. Let your love be the guiding light they use to follow in your footsteps to create a better world!



Author: William Carter

Bio:  William Carter – Freelance writer that like writing about actual and current event but the mind sometimes wonders and I have my thinking cap on. I believe we all have opinions and opinions lead to debate and we all have the ability to form our own views.

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