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Self Mastery

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What Is Self Mastery?

Merriam Webster defines self mastery as “the power to control one’s actions, impulses, or emotions”. SM is important as it teaches you to limit your fears and the beliefs that create unhappiness in your life and relationships. Lao-tzu said: “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still”.

Self-mastery can be attained by making certain cognitive changes in your life – basically by learning to think differently. St. Dominic once said: “A man who governs his passions is a master of the world. We must either command them, or be enslaved by them. It is better to be a hammer than an anvil.”

Who uses self mastery?

From CEOs and other professionals, to athletes and students, self mastery can be used in all walks of life to help you grow as a person. Self mastery, by changing your thought patterns, can help to improve your self esteem and help you to become more mindful and present at every moment of your life.

How do I learn self mastery?

It is so easy to fall into thought patterns which are negative or detrimental to you. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and learning mindfulness can help you to break out of these thought patterns and learn how to see yourself in a different – and better – light.

Learning how to change your thought patterns can be done in various ways and many courses are available to help you to learn self mastery. There are also many websites that have exercises and motivation to help you on your path to self mastery. Whatever road you choose to take to learn self mastery, remember that you needn’t do it overnight. By taking small steps you can change your life bit by bit and, one day when you look back, you will be able to see just far you have actually travelled on your road to self mastery.


This article originally posted on http://www.facts-about-insurance.com/ and re-posted here with permission.