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Single Mother working from home

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Insure your equipment before anything happens …

Are you a single mother working from home?

In our modern society, women are getting ever more self sufficient and coping on their own. You are independent and capable of providing in your needs, as well as the needs of your child or children.

The single mother working from home may be involved in any of the following ventures: Website design, Arts & Crafts, Home Industry, Journalism or Writing and Free Market Sales.

Working from home means that your office or workplace is based at home and that opens a whole can of worms where insurance is concerned. You have to inform your Insurance Company of the fact that you are working from home and the equipment involved has to be stipulated.

Insurance for the single mother working from home

Select the option that applies to you to find out what needs to be insured under Business Insurance:

Computer and technological equipment:

If you use a computer in your line of work, inform your Insurance Company that you mostly use your computer for work-related business and to a lesser extent for private use. You also have to stipulate printers, fax machines and other technological equipment used for the work that you do.


If you provide baked goods for a Home Industry, it may be safer for you to inform your Insurance Company that you are using your stove, refrigerator and other appliances for work and to earn an income.

Other equipment:

Here we are talking about camera equipment if you are a photographer, art supplies if you are an artist and craft tools if you manufacture products to be sold at Markets.

Car Insurance:

Keep in mind that you have to inform your Insurance Company if you use your car for business purposes as well.

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