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How to stop smoking forever

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Where there is smoke there is a pyre

Very few smokers mean to carry on smoking forever when they start. Before you know it, twenty years have passed, and your lungs are shot, your face is lined, you smell like dung and you have to stand alone in parking lots to get your fix as all public venues are smoke free. If you want to mess up your own health, and pursue it alone, it surely is your choice. Don’t do it around children or adults that do not like it. Waste your hard-earned money on something that goes up in smoke. Spoil your taste buds and destroy your ability to smell roses: It’s your business my friend.

The real sinners

It is apparently all right to take a gun into a club, pub or restaurant, and put additives that cause cancer, heart failure, hyper activity and OCD into food, but do not dare to light a cigarette. I was in a hotel foyer a while ago, and the receptionist took delivery of some cocaine for a celebrity guest. Rhino horn continues to leave the country at an alarming rate, crystal meth is changing the landscape of the future, but smoking tobacco in public areas has to be controlled. More people have been killed in the drug cartel wars in Mexico than by the drugs themselves. Rapists and murderers get parole, but guys caught in possession of three marijuana roll-ups have been in prison for years. Alcohol is a killer on the roads, take-out food franchises sell meals that cause diabetes, but do not dare to smoke a cigarette while you wait for your order. Convicted paedophiles get jobs where children gather, and corrupt government officials get salaries, but hey…. let’s target the smokers. Criminals and sinners all, smokers are the real problem. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions, but pregnant mothers can drink legally in public places, yet let’s make life difficult for the smokers.

Ostracism awaits

The good news for smokers is that soon they won’t have to try to stop smoking. It will be done for them. Maybe burning at the stake (a cure for medieval witches) will be re-instituted. They will have smoke detectors in their homes, will be subjected to citizens’ arrests, be lonely and smelly and altogether be public enemy number one. Move over Ben Laden.

That is how you end up to stop smoking forever.

If you can quit smoking, you’ll live longer.

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