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Surviving Change – A Personal Encounter

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Join the Journey of one South African in his quest against impending financial ruin. He has 30 days to replace the bulk of his lost income, using a secret method he has developed.  Will he succeed?

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Surviving Change: Never Give Up

I stand looking at my reflection in the mirror, ‘who are you’ I think to myself.  I seem to be confused, stressed out and almost like a lunatic.  My mood swings are driving my new husband and his two children insane not to mention myself.

Taking a deep breath I sit down on the bed and start to evaluate my situation, I am frustrated, I must be pre-menopausal and being a step mother isn’t that easy.  After assessing my situation what can I do to remedy the situation?  Firstly I need to sort myself out, I call the doctor and make an appointment.  Then I call the children and sit them down and speak to them about some basic rules in the house.

It’s clear that I am pre-menopausal and that I suffer with a mild depression and a hormone imbalance.  Great pills are prescribe and ‘Bob’s your uncle’.  Looking at my reflection in the mirror reminds me that no cosmetic cream is going to stop me from aging, I will survive these changes.

I have always maintained that I am going to grow old gracefully; I have taken it upon myself to be kinder to people, listen and pay attention.  I am making an effort to give them more than what they expect and also stop the feelings of insecurity and hopelessness.  I start focusing on my baking and skills that I want to improve, in my baking and blogging.  Making friends with new people constantly and finding out what’s new.  Working at excellence and dropping this mediocre behaviour.  Striving every day to give my best to my clients, friends and family, stopping in my tracks to take the time to hear what’s on their minds and hugging them when I can.

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Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Yvette van Niekerk is a Freelance Writer and writes about a wide variety of topics. She can be contacted at the e-mail address provided for Guest Posts and articles.

E-mail: Yvettevn007@gmail.com

Blog: yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com




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