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Technology & the Disposable Era

We live in the most fortunate and exciting era of all, but at what cost? We all enjoy its benefits and comforts. There’s no turning back, technology is here to stay. And who would know what wonderful developments still lay ahead? This is in fact an instant disposable time, where the most advanced and expensive technology get outdated in the blink of an eye. What do we do with it? We dispose of it of course, mostly in the most unhealthy and environmental unfriendly way. Who would be able to use those old things anyway?

Unlike our ancestors, we are simply not equipped to function without modern technology anymore. We don’t have the proper tools needed for the absence of electricity, to begin with, or to support a simpler and old fashioned lifestyle. We are also more laid-back and comfortable, or should we call it lazy, than earlier generations. We want to obtain instant results with the least effort.

The REAL Price of your Beloved Gadget

Then, many of us are absolutely addicted to our beloved electronic devices. This comes with a price, though. For most of the 24 hours of each day, we are exposed to a vast array of radiation “smog” in our immediate atmosphere. This can be just as harmful to our health or even more so than any air pollution we encounter in developed industrial cities. The media, internet and libraries (remember those?) are jam-packed with information regarding health and safety issues of our modern time. Ghost story headlines scream at you daily from everywhere:

  • Shocking facts about the health dangers of Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi ‘electrosmog’ a Risk to Health, say scientists
  • The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking
  • Microwaves Unsafe for Baby’s Milk
  • Cancer Causing Effects of Microwave
  • Wi-Fi Damaging to Childhood Development
  • Can X-Rays Cause Cancer? 

The Ostrich Mentality

Still, we choose to stay ignorant. We are a lazy, gullible generation. One would argue that governments around the world would surely not allow technology that harmful. What about all those health organizations? Aren’t they supposed to look out for us? It is so much easier to trust blindly while enjoying our modern ways, rather than seeking the truth for ourselves.

You can Run, but you Cannot Hide …

If you are all now fired up to make some lifestyle changes, there is a flipside to this coin. You can place an old manual alarm clock on your bedside table, discard the microwave oven and fall back onto public pay phones, but you cannot hide from the electronic pollution. If not in your own home like in many others, you will encounter all kinds of technological radiation everywhere you go in public. So why bother?

An “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude won’t do anyone a favour. If we all decide to start making those small changes every day, it surely would count for something. You don’t have to save the world all by yourself, but you can do your part at least for your own well-being and our beautiful planet.