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Terrorists: The Sad News About Paris

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Paris attacked by Terrorists

The shocking news of Friday the 13th attacks on civilians in Paris France is still reverberating through the world. The leaders of the so called free world have responded by declaring these acts as crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the military response from France has been to destroy what has been identified as the ISIL headquarters in Iraq. There are some who claim that the latest terrorist attacks in Paris are a testimony to the lack of awareness that Westerners have of what is happening in places like Syria, where the lives of civilians have been put on the scrap heap for years. The problem in Europe and elsewhere now has become how to distinguish between the terrorists and refugees.

The refugee crisis has been unfolding over the course of the year, with human smugglers bringing people into Europe in unseaworthy rafts with many of them capsizing, leaving untold amounts of people to drown in the sea. It is clear that an unimaginable human tragedy has already been occurring in the civil war of Syria, and it has now rolled over into the developed world by the most recent attacks on Paris, France. One of the ramifications of the situation is that there is no way to discern the difference between terrorists and refugees, since the streams of thousands of Syrians that have been fleeing the civil war in Syria has amounted into thousands of people per day

The heart of that issue has become what is known as failed states. In these countries, like Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, there is no longer a strong recognizable central government. Outside forces like NATO and Russia have become very active in these countries, with terror movements like Al Quada and ISIL taking over huge swaths of territory with their ability to recruit people who have been left destitute through no fault of their own. It is time to recognize the complexity of what is happening with the collapse of the integrity of these states, and the danger that it poses to the stability of the world. The sad news about Paris is that there no longer is a clear line between terrorists and refugees, since we are all affected one way or another.