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The best way to handle load-shedding

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How to live with load-shedding

Are you passionate about “getting off the grid’ or simply know that you are going to have to deal with load-shedding in the near future?  Either way you will have to know how to live without electricity.  It might sound unnatural to live without all the electrical items that play a large part in our lives, but has been something humans have done since the dawn of man. With determination, a positive attitude, and a bit of ingenuity you too can live with load-shedding.

The Best Tips and Tricks to survive Load Shedding

  1. The Solar solution

Install a solar geyser or  lamps to put outside in the garden and take inside during load-shedding. There is also a solar cellphone charger available. You can put it on your dash board while driving and if you get home and there’s no electricity, you can still charge your phone.

  1. Frozen Bottles

Empty plastic cold drink bottles can be use by filling them with water and place in your deep freeze. If there is load-shedding, you can take them out and put them in your fridge to keep food cold until the power comes back on.

  1. Battery option

Keep a large amount of batteries in stock to enable battery operated lights. You can get laterns, torches and other battery operated items to keep around the house when load-shedding occurs.  It’s less dangerous than using just candles.

  1. Gas stoves and appliances

Gas stoves are becoming a popular choice for the load-shedding problem.There’s also the portable option: you can buy a camping gas stove. This way you can cook food or boil the kettle even if there’s load-shedding.

Load-shedding: Transport, Cash, Access and Safety

Ensure your vehicle  always has fuel in the tank because petrol stations cannot pump fuel during load-shedding.  Withdraw sufficient cash because ATMs cannot operate without electricity.    Release automatic electric garage door and security gate mechanisms so you can gain access to your property during load-shedding.



Author:  Evelyn van der Merwe

Evelyn is a freelance writer and she can be contacted for guest posts.

Contact: wiets@blitsnet.co.za