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The Latest Vatican Scandal

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The latest Vatican scandal rocks the Roman Catholic Church anew

Still reeling from the revelations two years ago regarding financial mismanagement, the latest Vatican scandal related to gross mismanagement, fraud, infighting and political manoeuvring has rocked the Roman Catholic Church. Gianluigi Nuzzi, an investigative journalist, just published his explosive expose of the latest Vatican scandal. His book, “Merchants in the Temple: Inside Pope Francis’ Secret Battle Against Corruption in the Vatican” lays bare the atrocious misbehaviour of some members of the Roman Curia, the governing bureaucracy of the Roman Catholic Church globally. It also provides shocking details on just how organized the resistance against the efforts of Pope Francis to clean up the Vatican Bank is and how senior officials work against him to deal with the gross financial mismanagement in the wider Roman Catholic domain.

Only two years ago another book, “His Holiness: the Secret Papers of Benedict XVI”, also by Nuzzi, caused a devastating Vatican scandal. The book was based on papers that the Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele smuggled from the private apartment of Pope Benedict. He was packed off to jail but Nuzzi’s allegations were validated when Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, Head of Administration of the Vatican City, also claimed serious financial mismanagement within the Roman Catholic Church. This lead to the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first pope to resign since 1294.

Of course, the holy Roman Catholic Church is no stranger to controversy and Vatican scandal. During the past few years the church have been rocked by allegations of sexual abuse by senior church officials and allegations about the viciousness of the political infighting among the leaders of the church have shocked the world. Key questions regarding important issues such as the church’s stand on gay rights and contraception have caused great unhappiness and the church have been embarrassed time and time again.

For many years the Pontiff was able to take the high ground, acting as the personal representative of God on earth and tasked with providing moral and ethical leadership to an increasingly secular world. One wonders just how solid that high ground is now. Perhaps it has been so weakened with underhanded dealings, secrets and selfish acts that no sane person will ever again believe a word from the Vatican. Yes, this latest Vatican scandal may just finally erode that last supporting post in this complex maze of intrigue and plain corruption.