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My Top 10 for a Successful life

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My Top 10 for a Successful and Prosperous Life

1.    Focused

To be focused is probably one of the most difficult things I can think of.  You absolutely need to be single minded when taking on a project.  Nothing must be able to take your mind of what is at hand and once the jobs done you move on to the next item.

2.    Brave

Why should I be brave?  Well we have many different kinds of people we deal with on a daily basis and some people can be really ruthless.  In order to make it in life you must be brave enough to approach the ‘bull dogs’ and ‘sharks’ when necessary.

3.    Transparent

Tasks assigned to me must be transparent, I want to know why, who, what etc.  I also believe then we can all work together and there are no hidden agendas.  Everybody know where they are in the project.

4.    Faithful

I like to believe that when I am committed to doing a certain job and I am being paid for it I will stay faithful to my employer.  I don’t believe it is right to sell them out or do back hands.  Key to my success is staying faithful in personal relationships and job related ones.

5.    Communication

When it comes to communication make sure you are listening to what is asked of you or said to you.  It makes good sense to acknowledge the other person by repeating a task to make sure you are both on the same page.  This affirmation makes life a little easier for both parties.

6.    Doer

All said and done you have to be able to do the job assigned to you.  When you take up an assignment make sure you do it.  I have seen many people say ‘Yes, I will do this and that’ and sadly they don’t.  Keep your promise and make sure you do as you said.

7.    Methodical

The best way of ensuring that the task is done correctly is to do things methodical.  I believe it is like following a recipe for baking a cake.  You need to know where to start and what the outcome must look like.  It gives you focus and direction making you look like a guru.

8.    Compassion

On working with other people one needs to be compassionate, there are times when people just loose it.  They struggle with pressure and cannot coupe that’s when you need to be there for them lifting them up and helping them if you can.

9.     Approachable

Some people’s disposition is that they are just not approachable.  You almost feel that if you have to speak to them you might land up in a ditch.  To avoid being someone like that I believe you should smile more and relax around people.  Let them feel comfortable with you.

10.  Available

I am not saying do everything and not do your own work but when circumstances happen and you are able to help, go and help.  Make yourself available and fit assignments in but not to your own detriment.

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Author:             Yvette van Niekerk

Link:                yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact:          yvettevn007@gmail.com

Biography:       As a Freelance writer I love blogging and writing. I hope to become a well-known name in the world of writers one day.