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Valentine Date

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The Inevitable Valentine …

As you get older, dating gets harder. Lines get blurred, baggage accumulated and walls get built. Hard enough to date and meet people in months March – January. Yet when 1 February arrives, the world becomes covered in hearts, red, pink, chocolates, roses and inevitable Valentineness. There is simply no escaping. It has to be faced, head on.

I usually wear blinkers and shower all my friends with plastic roses and stuffed heart teddies until the 14th is done, posters removed, and fever down to a panic.

However, I have recently met somebody, in the past couple of months. As soon as I met him, I knew there was something different about him. I could feel a connection unlike any I had experienced before. I knew either we were going to grow old together, or we would become best friends, or both.

We saw each other a couple of times after our initial meeting, both times not really exchanging anything meaningful but the mental chemistry undeniable. The fact that he was smouldering, an irrevocable plus.

We eventually exchanged numbers and a commentary unrivalled by any has since evolved. He made it quite clear that he wasn’t wanting to jump straight into a relationship, as he had some ‘life-fixing’ to do. I made it quite clear that I was.  And that by hook or by crook he would be mine. All very tongue in cheek. Realistically though I would be happy with a lifetime of best friendness, but I know, in my very bones, that this is more.

I asked him to take a day’s leave and spend a weekend away with me. As mates. Quite accidentally, the date that he applied for, was 13 February! So this weekend my yumminess and I will hit the open road, and 14 February will be faced head on, with laughs and celebrations, proving that there is opportunity. In many different forms and places. Go and find it! Happy Valentine’s Day