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Valentines non-fan?

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Non-fondness of Valentines

Some of you may recall the pop band 4 Non-Blondes.  I am borrowing the name of this piece from them, albeit slightly altered, due to my lack of fondness for this day. Google search the word valentine and you will see red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes along with sickly sweet poems that make the blood curdle. The only saving grace about Valentine’s Day seems to be the license to indulge in beautiful, expensive mounds of chocolate. That is until now, I present to you: 4 Non-Valentines!

First, if you are not planning on joining the romantic festivities, and if you are a book lover, you may feel inclined to get a copy of the murder mystery: My Bloody Valentine. See Link Here: http://www.crimefictionlover.com/2015/01/my-bloody-valentine/ Bring home a load of fancy chocolates and hunker down for a great read. No matter if the rest of the world goes overboard with Valentine spending, you will be laughing all the way to the bank with the relative low cost of your exploits.

Second, if romancing is not your thing, I suggest that you gather around in a group of platonic friends and select your favorite board game. Avoid wearing any red garments that may remind you of this garish holiday, and instead dress in 4 Non-Valentine pastel colors or else blue jeans will do nicely. Proceed to enjoy the day without wasting any time on the inconvenient fact that you were not sent a Valentine’s Day Card. Who cares if you are having fun with friends?

Third, if you find yourself single and SAD (which stands for Single Awareness Day) you can write a blog like the following or listen to some sad music. http://wethewritestuff.blogspot.com/2009/06/opposite-of-valentines-day.html It is amazing how much better you feel after wallowing for a bit. On a day when all the media and stores seem bent on making singles aware of just how much they are missing out on, go the extra mile and blog about your amazing self!

Fourth, remember that there will always be next year, and be a bit of a Valentine Scholar. There is a lot more to this day than just chocolates and red roses. Look at the following website for unknown facts and historical background information on this special day. http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day You can then compile your own 4-Non Valentines day list!


This article originally posted on http://cheap-short-term-car-insurance.com/ and reposted here with permission.