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Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft Insurance from Port to Starboard

Get the most out of your watercraft and stay afloat with innovative and inexpensive Watercraft Insurance from these top South African Insurance Providers. Keep in mind that Watercraft Insurance is applicable for watercraft used solely for social and domestic purposes.

Remember to get Trailer Insurance for the trailer you use to transport your watercraft.

1st for Women

Your Watercraft Insurance covers the following:

  • Watercraft, motor(s), machinery, gears, equipment, as well as standard fittings and accessories
  • Cost of locating your boat in the unfortunate event of sinking, if it becomes stranded or is involved in a collision
  • Salvage and Delivery costs to nearest border post if necessary
  • Third Party liability regarding accident on water
  • Up to R2 000 medical expenses cover per incident on water regarding in an accident or sinking (Boat Insurance Policy)
  • Water-skier liability is an additional option you can include with your Boat Policy.

Watercraft Insurance ensures comprehensive cover in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi and Lesotho.

Dial Direct

Dial Direct offers comprehensive Watercraft Insurance and covers your watercraft for the following:

  • All machinery, gears, equipment and standard fittings
  • Your watercraft is covered during transportation, on the water and when moored at a dock of good reputation
  • You are covered on all South African territorial waters and up to 12 nautical miles or 20 km from the coast
  • Third party damage is covered

Auto & General

Your Auto & General Watercraft Insurance covers your motorboat, yacht, jet ski, rubber duck and catamaran within SADC borders for the following:

  • Theft of your watercraft
  • Cover for machinery, fitted accessories, motors, gears and standard fittings against damage, theft and loss
  • Your watercraft is covered during transportation, when ashore and when afloat
  • Cover for Third Party injury and damage due to an accident
  • Cost due to finding your boat when stranded, sunk or when involved in a collision
  • Salvage and delivery costs to the closest border post if necessary

Water-skier liability is available as an optional extra to enhance your policy

Budget Insurance

Your comprehensive Watercraft Insurance will keep you afloat and covers you for the following:

  • Theft
  • Accident Damage
  • Locating your craft when stranded, sunk or after a collision
  • Covers salvage costs
  • Covers delivery costs to closest local border post
  • Medical cover up to R2 000 per incident due to an accident, injury or if the craft sinks
  • Cover for Third Party damage

Optional Water-skier Liability is available at a little additional cost