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What is Fool’s Paradise Day?

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All about Fool’s Paradise Day

To start this story of let me tell you a joke I read off Aunty Acid’s Joke for the day.  “Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world there’s an idiot pulling a door that says ‘push’.”  Ha ha, funny, I sometimes feel like an idiot when I stand in front of a door and not paying attention to the writing on it.

“Fool’s Paradise” – “state of delusive contentment or false hope.”

I almost feel like I have been living in the ‘sticks’ so to speak … this is a new day I have not heard about and I cannot believe someone would want to celebrate such a day.  See, too serious.

Since I have not ever heard of such a day and this is my first encounter with this topic I had no choice in the matter and go and ask my good friend Mr. Google what he thought of this day.  Yip … you would not believe me if I told you but there are people that actually celebrate this day.  Amazing I thought, well apparently it cannot be pin pointed to who actually thought of this celebration but it really occurs on the 13th of July.

Now according to my research this is ‘traditionally something of the ‘state of happiness based on false hope.’  This person said that the phrase was first recorded in Paston Letters of 1462:  “I would not be in a folis paradyce.’  Apparently Shakespeare later on used the same phrase in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ 1592.

So instead of seeing things the way they are perhaps we should become more creative and see the world ‘outside the box’.  Some place where you are able to dream and think outside of your comfort zone.  Do something differently for just one day and perhaps it may change your life.



Name:                  Yvette van Niekerk

Short bio:            I enjoy every day living as many South Africans do.  I enjoy writing about a variety of topics and I enjoy motivating people.  My focus is to inspire people and I draw a lot of inspiration from a personal relationship with the Lord.
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