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Who needs Holiday insurance?

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What is Holiday insurance? 

I have never understood much about insurance. It has never really made sense to me why there are so many clauses and sub-clauses with fine print that you need to pull out the microscope to see! It is difficult to choose the cover that best suits your needs when you are planning your holiday. Let’s be honest – Insurance is the last thing on your mind when you are in the throes of planning your dream holiday. 

Holiday insurance is essential part of traveling. It has so many benefits, but what does it really cover in the event of an emergency? The two key questions to ask about holiday insurance are: does it cover you in full when you need immediate help or do you have to pay a portion out of your own pocket and then claim back later? 

If you had to compare quotes some cover you for baggage loss and some even cover the cancellation of flights. The travel insurance main purpose is there to cover you in countries where the medical cost are very high. Although none of plan to get I’ll or injured while on holiday, it is better to have cover for when you do fall ill. 

The best advise is to make sure that you are covered well enough. So speak to various companies that offer the products, all of them have standard options, which range from the bare minimum baggage cover to higher benefits policies that ensure that you get nothing less than the best care money can buy. The best option or best cover you choose depends on your personal needs. 

Although many see travel insurance as just an administrative burden you need to tick off to get that visa it really is a must have! When you are ill or injured the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can afford the health care you need. My rule of thumb is: it is better to be over insured than under insured!