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Why autumn colours are so special

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Autumn in South Africa

Autumn in Southern Africa is probably one of the most beautiful and special seasons of the year.  It starts in mid-February progressing into April.  This is when the temperatures start to plummet and the grass starts to fade and go brown.  The trees start to shed their leaves; change colour from green to yellow and finally into brown, which then falls to the ground.  The gardens and pavements are covered with brown leaves which overflow into the street.  This brown blanket lies undisturbed until cars come rushing by, causing a wave of leaves to fly up into the sky.

As I wake up in the early hours of the morning, the sky is grey and it seems to be so cold outside, and walking over to the window, I push away the curtain and see a blanket of mist covering the yard.  The white mist is hiding our beautiful lawn which is green with yellowing patches here and there.

We drive out onto the highway and on the side of the road I stare at the beautiful cosmos flowers with their beautiful white colours, pink and dark pinks.  These flowers bloom in Mpumalanga and it calls our attention to the possibility of a really cold winter.

This season is special as this is the only time when you can see how nature dies slowly but surely, taking a nap and going into hibernation.  This makes me feel cold and withdrawn, alone and not sure how to face tomorrow.  I see the birds start their migration, bye-bye birdy!

Each season turns our attention to something spectacular, something beautiful and worth looking out for.  The mist which rolls into the towns unexpected and the trees shedding their leaves, throwing a beautiful carpet of brown and some yellow leaves on the brown lawn.

Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Biography:      Yvette van Niekerk currently resides Witbank, Mpumalanga, Southern Africa.  As a Christian she enjoys reading, writing about everyday life and baking.  She finds solace in decorating the cakes she bakes with beautiful cake toppers.  She enjoys doing Book Reviews, writing her blogs and some other articles.  She enjoys listing to Alan Jackson and Meredith Andrews.  You can connect with her through yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com or email her at yvettevn007@gmail.com and also on her social media profiles such as LinkedIn (Yvette-van-Niekerk), Facebook (facebook.com/Yvettevn007) and twitter@yvettevn007.