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Winter is here!

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Winter arrived on 8 June

Imagine getting out of bed as usual and feeling a little chilly but actually not really cold.  Imagine you can walk around in your T-shirt and shorts the whole of May and not be bothered with the weather.  I was thinking that winter is late this year and that June is going to be a breeze.

Think and imagine again, that is not going to happen.  It was one early morning, to be precise, 8 June – we got out of bed and my husband said,   “Please bring more blankets, I am cold at night.”  I walked out of the house with him to his car parked next to the house.  The car is covered in ice; he gets into the car and lowers the driver side window, ice sitting in the window.  As we said goodbye, I could feel the ice chilling factor of cold air creeping up my legs into my warm pajamas.  Brr, its cold this morning, I thought. “Elsa” from Frozen has let her hand move over our little town.

The kids are ready and as we drive to school we watch how the temperatures start too plummet – as I drive into the school yard, the temperature is sitting on *0.5-.  Poor little kids – they are going to freeze their little butts off today.

The verdict is out! It is officially winter; you can go to your closets and take out your warm jackets, gloves, hats and scarves.  This is going to be a cold winter.

As we celebrate winter, we start our evenings with lovely soups, thick chunky vegetables and chunks of meat and toast.  Somehow I feel that winter isn’t winter if you aren’t enjoying something warm like soup with white bread.  Sitting around the TV with a nice warm blanket covering our legs, yep its official  – winter is here!

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Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Short bio:            The author contributes articles to websites as a guest writer and specializes in blogging with the main focus on Christian, spiritual enrichment and encouragement based on her personal relationship with the Lord.
Link:                       yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact:               yvettevn007@gmail.com